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Blog de Humpty is Timothy Humphrey's little compendium of things that interest him.  He likes to refer to himself in third person.  Not so much because he thinks it's cool but because we want him to.  We are the voices in his head and we tell him to do many things!  He is us and we are him, we are one and the same.  We refer to ourselves using the singular pronoun I so people do not think we are crazy, but please do not forget about us; we exist!  Dammit.

I started this blog because everyone seemed to have a blog, just wanted to try my hand at it.  It's now pretty much a free-for-all for anything that I want to expound on.  Mostly, being a very introspective person, the things I talk about are about me.  I generally don't like blog posts without some substance so I try to exercise my writing skills and make them interesting reads.

As for me.  I'm not going to write any A/S/L information but I will say that I am over 18 and live in the U.S. :)  So if you really want to stalk me look up my info some other way -- or just ask.  I have an interest in music so occasionally you'll see posts with background music attached to them, I practice music editing when posting them.  As I said earlier I'm a very introspective person.  Not that I've really tried to live by Socrates' famous quote, "know thyself", but that's what I've ended up doing.  You can learn a lot that way.  Finally, I have a good interest in the paranormal, metaphysics as I like to think of it.  There's so much to this world that's beyond the typical five senses, it interests me.