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December 2005 - Posts

Boy, I wish I could smell

I haven't been able to smell anything, and by extension taste, for the past three days due to a cold.  Just today, really Monday, could I begin to smell and taste.  Just faint scents and tastes, but after three days of going without, anything is wonderful, even cat poo.  Later on I couldn't help but recognize a connection to another post I made about a proof for God's existence.  It wasn't really about God, but about the possibility of worlds/realities existing that we can't perceive.  Today I thought, "gee, not being able to taste your food or smell your environment is a lot like that post you made."  Yeah, I refer to myself in persons other than first, we am good.  But um, so not having two senses for a while sucks but it sure has been informative, and contemplative too.

Not to reiterate what I said there but it is a neat thought experiment.  First, catch a cold so that you can't smell or taste ANYTHING!  Second, just be observant of your new odor- and taste-free world.  That is, really notice how you're not getting certain sensory input anymore.  The things that generated odors, the tastes of your food, they're all still there, still producing odors and tastes, they didn't go anywhere, you just can't pick them up.  Third, realize that the eventual return of your two senses is very much similar to what it would be like to experience an entirely different reality: all of a sudden you become aware of... things.  In the case of a cold the things that return, your senses, are things you're familiar with so you immediately recognize them.  But if something else came upon your reality that you weren't familiar with, hmm.

Me thinks psychic phenomena of various sorts is like this.  You know how you may have heard some psychics say that everyone has psychic ability but they just don't develop it.  Could be true.  Could be like a faint smell or something.  You lose your sense of smell from a cold because your nose essentially becomes clogged up and scent molecules can't reach your scent receptors.  (And since most of what we "taste" comes from scent molecules in the food being processed by our nose you can't taste food as well either.)  Maybe psychic phenomena is as faint as it is because our "psychic receptors" are clogged up and psychic signals can't reach them...   A bit of a stretch in terminology, and I'm just making up terms like "psychic receptors" and "psychic signals", but since we have no words for them I'm doing the best I can.  How to unclog it if it really is clogged?  Got me :).  Or rather that's not the point of this post.

Oh, step four.  Once your cold is almost over and you can taste again go out and get some doughnuts to rejoice and say, "Mmmmm doughnuts!"

The Amazing Race 8, Episode XI
I'm tired and don't care about this season anymore so I'll just cut to the chase.  The Linzs win and the Weavers don't, hooyah!
The Amazing Race 8, Episode X

This episode begins where the last ended, since, technically it never did.  We got to see the first place team from last time, the Bransens, followed by the Weavers.  In this episode we find out the Linzs come in next and then the Godlewskis.

The clue starting out this episode directed teams to a ranch but it didn't open until 7 in the morning, and it was 7 at "night" -- as I say in quotes since this was filmed during the summer so at 7pm in the U.S. the sun is still out -- so the teams milled around and went to bed.  The Weavers didn't even bother to try and socialize with the other teams and just huddle up in their trailer.  While doing so the other teams talk about them as well as other things.  In the morning the teams race to a bunch of parked SUVs to be whisked away to a Detour.  This Detour involves building a 1800s style wagon or putting together a tepee.  The Linzs and Bransens do the wagons and the others do the tepee.  Not too much to say here.  The Godlewskis bicker some more and it slows them down.  Christine, aka Chatzilla, holds up some of her sisters to enable one to reach the top of the tepee to finish constructing it.

After the teams finish up they head over to a salon to get dressed up and take their picture with a Buffalo Bill character.  This part of the race just seemed designed to give the teams something to take home with them since they all got a picture from it.  Bleh, moving on.  The last real task involved the teams finding a golf course, a Roadblock, picking a golf cart and finding four colored golf balls that matched a colored flag they chose.  The Godlewskis again prove how team bickering can really hurt a team.  One of the sisters of the team gets out of the cart and starts walking around to find the golf balls rather than ride in the cart.  It seemed like it was a bit of a spite thing because she was mad at her sister who was driving.  Geez, I know you may be mad but you're hurting yourself and your team!!

Anyway, after this the checkpoint is finally next.  The Weavers get pulled over by a cop for speeding! Ha ha ha.  The cop just gives them a warning and you can bet they were probably thinking God blessed them since they could've gotten a ticket.  Well, the Godlewskis constant bickering ruined their chances at capitalizing on this and they lose this leg of the race and are eliminated.  The Bransens win and also win a new car, cool.  The Linzs and Weavers round out the three teams for next weeks finale.  Hey, wanna bet the Bransens win?  Not that I know anything, of course, except for my unusual blog logs.... :)

An alien love

I've always been rather fascinated by shows depicting two people falling in love, but the other person having some kind of secret that if revealed will completely change how the other person views them.  Recently I watched an episode of Stargate SG-1 -- my favorite show -- that depicted this.  The episode was named Fallout and was about (spoiler alert) a Goa'uld posing as a scientist to uncover a planet's secrets.  In the course of time it takes to do so she (pretends) to fall in love with a fellow scientist, the show even shows them kissing.  Later on it's revealed to the scientist that his gifted partner is an alien, and in fact a mortal enemy.  Suddenly, in an instant, the person he's grown fond of he now repulses.  It's so interesting to watch and consider.  To love someone, or something, and then to later find out that person isn't at all like what you thought.  Shocking.  Would you, would I, still love the other person?

There's an episode of The Outer Limits called First Anniversary that deals with this similar theme that I love.  The anime movie Armitage III has this theme woven into its story as well.

I just recently noticed my love of this kind of love.  In fact, as a general theme in my own life I've noticed how I love to present myself in a certain fashion to gauge how people perceive me.  I don't often spring the truth on the other person though, I just enjoy viewing the response to my little fa├žade.  As an example I enjoy dressing like a slob at times, acting goofy.  Nothing too major really, but it's just, I wonder, do strangers pre-judge me to be a certain way, to have a certain kind of intelligence based on my outer guise.  Hmm.....

In my spiritual journeys I've come upon the concept of life themes, patterns, and when you spot them to take notice of them.  Love, masks, appearances, deception.  All together these seem to be a theme of my life.

Posted: Sat, Dec 3 2005 1:20 AM by Humpty
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The Amazing Race 8, Episode IX

I'm starting to write really late, what's the point!  Out of completeness sakes though I feel compelled to finish blogging this season of The Amazing Race.  This is going to be a short recap.

Let's see, the teams start out heading to a high school to retrieve a clue directing them to an area to inflate hot air balloons.  But, as is so often the case on this game, it doesn't open until 7 or 8 in the morning so the teams who had an early lead had to basically forfeit it since the teams start out as early as 12:30am.  This is good for the Weavers since they were last and so managed to catch up to the other teams; leveling the playing field.  The teams end up having to help their hot air balloon pilots unpack and inflate the balloons before they can get on them.  Everything pretty much goes to plan except for a mid-air collision between the Linzs and the Bransens.  (Un)fortunately no one was hurt :).  The Weavers have their own problems though: a crash landing.  Well, no, not really, their pilot just drops them down on the side of a hill and they have to jump out.

After this the teams head to a Detour involving putting together a section of railroad or dumping a shitload of coal into a train car.  Get it, shitload, dumping...hehe.  Anyway, the teams get there and again every team but the Weavers do the same task.  This time the Weavers tackle the dumping whilst the others do the railroad.  You know, the Weavers ask God for help like all the friggin' time.  They ask so much VH-1's show Best Week Ever lampooned them!  In case you missed the episode, jokes revolved around most people asking direction for God in a general purpose sense, you know like what should I be doing with my life, why am I here, stuff like that.  The Weavers, by contrast, mean that question literally, e.g. "God, where is the place this clue is telling me to go to?", "God, give me the strength to haul a shitload of crappy coal".  Ha, okay, so maybe the Weavers don't use the word shitload in their prayers, but I'll overlook that minor detail for now :P.  God, you gotta love VH-1 :D

Um, so where was I....  Yeah, the other teams do the railroad building Detour task.  Nothing to mention here really except the continuing problems Christine of the Godlewskis is facing.  Basically she's the Chatzilla I mentioned in my last recap and her incessant desire to talk is getting on her sisters' nerves.  When she tries to help them they tell her to get out of the way, that she's bothering them, etc.  She actually ends up completing the final part of this brawny challenge though.  In the car, on the way to the next destination, she breaks down and starts crying.  Sad.  But what's funny is that her sisters taunt her a bit more when she does cry.  Man she just can't get a break.

Next up is a sleepover -- they sure are showing these teams sleeping a lot this season.  The Linzs got screwed a bit by The Amazing Race because the camera guy's camera drained their car's battery and they had to get a new one, which resulted in them falling in last place.  I think it stinks that an intrusion by the production crew causes a team to lose ground.  After the sleepover the teams head to a giant tree of balls, seriously, and then race to a Roadblock.  In this one the teams had to pick two members to ride horses and corral cows to a finishing line.  No team is shown having major problems but the Weavers kick butt on this one, due, apparently, to the girls on the team being skilled horse riders.

After this the teams race to Yellowstone National Park to look at Old Faithful erupt.  The Bransens get there first and because the task required one viewing of an eruption they had to wait until it did.  And guess who shows up right before it does...the Weavers!  So these two get to leave 92 minutes before the other two teams, the Linzs and the Godlewskis, since the geyser erupts every 92 minutes.  There is a tight footrace between the Bransens and the Weavers though to get to Phil, with the Bransens ultimately winning it.  But, surprise surprise, this isn't the end of the leg, but it is the end of the episode and this blog entry :)

(Hey, this blog entry wasn't that short after all, cool)