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February 2006 - Posts

Quest for the perfect water bottle

I've been on a quest for the perfect water bottle for a while since my other one broke after dropping it down some stairs.  I had decided to check out Target today before heading out shopping.  Unfortunately for me I forgot to do this.  But what's interesting is that after I left the pet store I went to I saw Target down the road and had this mysterious, strong, urge to go in there.  Now I had forgotten about my water bottle search by then, but I still had the urge to go into Target.  I tried to rack my brain to think of why I would want to go into Target but couldn't come up with anything so I decided to get on the expressway and go home.  It was only after I got home and spotted the water bottle I'm currently using did I realize why I had that mysterious urge.

But that is interesting though, how I had consciously forgotten to get my water bottle but yet retained enough of that desire to want to go to Target.

Is this what intuition is?...

I like generalizing and drawing connections between things and I just wonder about the various urges I get now.  Those mysterious desires and urges to do things that seem to make no sense.  Thoughts that enter my head for seemingly no apparent reason.  Maybe, like in this case of me wanting to go to Target for a water bottle, maybe there's a reason for those mysterious urges and thoughts.  A reason just not comprehended, but still, a definite reason.  Hmm, interesting.

I have vivid and memorable dreams often, they seem like entire worlds in my head.  And now, these urges in my waking state, they have more of a pattern and sense to them, they're not quite so random and nonsensical anymore.  You know how you can have a fog that obscures something, and as it dissipates you can make out with greater clarity what's behind it.  Well, I'm starting to feel that way in reference to my inner world, i.e. the world in my head.  No I'm not crazy -- or so I say -- but I'm just really starting to wonder and pay attention more to what goes on within me: my thoughts, my urges.  It's like I'm beginning to understand something, notice something for the first time.  Hmm, interesting.

Posted: Wed, Feb 15 2006 2:12 AM by Humpty
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Prius Pictures

Okay, time for some Prius pictures, I know you've been waiting for them.

This is a side shot. Barcelona Red is the official name of the color.



Inside.  This is the dark gray interior I waited for; I like it.

The Power button that you use to start the car, no cranking it up!  The key slot is to the left of the gear selector, but it's too dark to see well in the picture.

The dashboard.  Everything up there is digital.  Looks Star Trekkie, no?

The main LCD touchscreen shows various things.  This is the view displaying your mileage -- and my hands holding the camera.

Pressing the Energy button displayed in the previous picture shows this screen.  While driving, this screen displays how the energy is being directed throughout the car, it's nifty.

The engine compartment.

The trunk.  That's the trunk mat I got curled up in the back -- see how excited I am to use it...

The trunk holds many secrets.  The left side comes up and can hold things.

And hey, the entire trunk floor can come up and you get another trunk!

Posted: Tue, Feb 7 2006 9:24 PM by Humpty | with 6 comment(s)
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