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March 2006 - Posts

Community Server subdomain module

I like using Community Server as the software that powers my blog but I also dislike the all-inclusive nature of it.  Namely, that all the pieces of it are inter-twined: I don't want my blog to be tied into the rest of the community.  A lot of people who want what I do do so by way of various hacks, namely copying all the files under the blogs directory to the root and changing various config files.  The problem with this is that your community is now somewhat hardwired to point to your blog or whatever and you can't use the rest of the installation as is, should you want to.

I decided to create a subdomain module to get around this.  Now I can have my cake and eat it too!  This blog and the forums on my site both use the same instance of Community Server but you'll notice that they use two different urls and actually go to two different parts of it.  I decided to use my "real" site to post the details about how I did this and the download for the code, as well as the compiled dll module.  Now that I actually have my forums up you can use that or this blog post to talk about it.


Posted: Tue, Mar 28 2006 2:20 AM by Humpty | with 13 comment(s)
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And a blog is born, again (not porn like the last time)

It's been a looong time since my last post, more than a month, but the wait is finally over.  I decided to hold off on posting anything new because I wanted to convert my blog software from Community Server 1.0 to the latest version, 2.0.  Given that it took me more than a month to do that, maybe I didn't make such a wise decision.  But, oh well, hindsight is 20/20 as they say.  I plan on writing a lot in the next few days, hopefully, as I have a lot of things to say that have been backing up in my brain.

One big change is that I now have forums enabled on my site now!  Head on over to to access them.  I decided to create them mainly as a support vehicle for the various software packages that I write.  And that is another new, small, change as well.  But that'll be another post.

Posted: Sun, Mar 26 2006 8:37 PM by Humpty
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