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December 2006 - Posts


Creating is a funny thing.  Truly, you can decide to do anything you want: move your brush stroke here, place a musical note on the scale there, write this line of code, chip away that piece of the rock.  Whatever you want to do, you can do it.  But not everything that is possible to be done leads to...harmony, shall I say.  There needs to be something else, something to guide the creation.  Whatever you want to call it; intelligence, design, blueprint, or whatnot; you need something, else you end up with a mess.

I was thinking about this today as I was using the bathroom.  Why the bathroom?  It's as good a place as any other to think about stuff. Stick out tongue  Still, it is something I've often thought about.  Like, I think why can't a person just decide to jump off a cliff?  I mean, they could do it, it's a possible action a person can take.  Strange as it might sound, just the fact that I can even choose to jump off a cliff excites me to no end.  We have free will!  Still, having the free will choice to jump off a cliff isn't something most people, myself included, are like to do.  It doesn't often lead to...harmony, shall I say. :)

But my original lavatorial thought was focused on creating things, in my case computer code since that's where I focus most of my creative energies.  I thought of the individual sections of my code like building blocks.  What I have in mind that I want to create has not been done yet, as far as I know, yet the possibilities are there.  But no one has done it yet...  The building blocks that I want to use have to be arranged in such and such way, heck, even picking the building blocks I'm going to use has to be similar.  It was just fascinating to ponder over the myriad of possibilities possible with the blocks I'm using.

It's not likely someone would just stumble upon what I have in mind by just arranging blocks without a purpose.  You need to have something else, an idea, to guide the choices.  Something to say,  "choose this and not that, and now choose that, and that, and over there..."  Ideas, interesting things.