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 Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Lithium Flower [full]

You ever watch Stargate SG-1? It's a cool sci-fi show where one of the race of characters are ascended beings. These are people who have transcended ordinary existence to become pure energy and exist in another plane of reality. The process of becoming one is shown quite a few times in the show. It basically involves the person's body becoming enveloped in white light (typically shaped like a big amoeba, haha) and they float away.

Like my leaf in the wind, emotion blog entry, my thoughts are being jumbled around at the moment. Do you think it's possible to ascend, like how it's depicted in the show? While thinking about something I learned today the "emotions as a leaf in the wind" analogy formed in my mind. Just noticing how happy and content (and relatively undisturbed) I was and then all of a sudden after hearing the news I have a wellspring of differing emotions, and suddenly I'm not so content and undisturbed anymore. I was calm about it and just sat on my bed, I didn't really know what else to do. It's an interesting thing when you live your life somewhat devoid of emotions only to have them rush into your view. What do you do?

The other interesting thing is just being however you are and observing what happens, which is also what I did. The emotions, a subject for a scientist to study. And like any good experiment observing a subject, you just observe it and don't interfere with it, lest it behave differently than it otherwise might. So, I sit with my differing emotions. Amazing that such differing feelings can co-exist. Why do I toggle between emotions and feelings as if they're the same thing? But, they do exist together and I'm, calm, observing.

Somewhere along the path of my life I picked up a thought that if I became too happy I would die. I wonder. Would that be ascension? If I were so filled with true happiness that I simply, floated away and died. Like a helium balloon that dissolves the cord anchoring it, it floats away, high into the sky. Why did my emotions lead me to this today?

Emotions are like a leaf in the wind, the slightest bit of turbulence, disturbance, can send it flying off in another direction. You never really know where it'll land until it does.
Posted: Fri, Mar 30 2007 9:38 PM by Humpty
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Ain't life grand!

I was looking through my university's semesterly alumni mailing and it was kind of neat to see what all has been going on with the other alumni. One of our oldest buildings is being torn down pretty soon and alumni were asked to submit memorable stories they had about the building. Some alumni gathered for Homecoming and it was nice to see pictures of them -- even though I knew no one. Probably the biggest surprise for me was turning the page and seeing someone I barely saw on campus holding his recently born baby with his now wife.

He was a basketball player, had model good looks (and ended up modeling), and dated an equally attractive girl while at school. Trust me, if you saw him, or them, you would definitely think he was the quintessential All American. Despite all his advantages he was a very nice guy. About the only thing I really remember of him now is me being a freshman and sitting in the cafeteria alone and he came up and asked if he could sit down. I said yeah, and me being shy I didn't say much, but he did try to pull me out of my shell. His girlfriend saw him and ended up sitting down at the table as well. I could tell from her expression she wasn't exactly pleased he was sitting with a "lower", haha. I did see him on campus sometimes and he would smile and say hey to me. He was a cool guy.

I have to admit when I was done reading the magazine I felt a sense of proud belonging, to the human race. It's only in summary form and retrospect that I got those feelings and I started thinking how we as human beings will look over our time on planet Earth. It's a lot like going to college really, being here that is. We're all cloistered together on this planet in the same way college students are cloistered together on campus. Typically four years on campus; decades on Earth. Thousands of students; billions of people. At some point we'll all be alumni of this experience, graduates of Earth! Hehe. Wonder what our alumni reunions will be like. :)

Anyway, enjoy life, live it however you please. It's that diversity that'll make our future gatherings so much more interesting. The things we do now that'll give us stories to talk about then. Everything ends at some point.

Posted: Tue, Mar 27 2007 11:25 PM by Humpty
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Another public service announcement

If you wear glasses type, don't run to,, and pay like $20 for glasses! I found out about this site from the same place that I bought my pinhole glasses. If you do wear glasses paying hundreds of dollars is what you're probably used to, but this site seems to be the real deal. I just bought two pair for $58 and I'll post again about them when I get them. I'm planning on using these as part of my vision recovery process, because as cool as pinhole glasses are they can't completely replace prescription glasses. Anyway, thought I'd mention this place.

Pinhole Glasses

Okay, this is the coolest thing I've come across in a while. Pinhole glasses! What are they, never heard of them before, you say? No problem, neither did I until last week.

Basically as the name implies they're glasses with small holes in them, pinhole sized. Why on earth would you want to wear glasses with tiny holes in them, you say!? Simple, because you see better. Smile Strange, but totally true.

I had written another version of this blog entry where I went into how they work in more depth, but I'll leave how pinhole glasses work for the link above. I want to focus more on my personal experience with them, this being a blog and all, since I figure most people probably haven't heard about them and are more interested in personal experiences with them. That said, they do work! There's a chart on the site I linked to earlier that gives expected results from using pinholes. According to it, me needing -3.00 prescription lenses I get around 20/40 vision with pinholes. It's absolutely amazing that these cheap glasses, $23, produce such clear vision.

Now the downsides with these are that they block out a lot of light in exchange for clearer vision. I just got them today so I'm still kind of getting used to them, but you'll definitely want to use them in a well-lit area. Another issue is having to look through a matrix of dots. If it weren't for the fact that I get 20/40 vision with them it would be a hassle.

My main reason for wanting to use these is to help restore my vision. As I've mentioned in other entries in this blog I now believe that nearsightedness is the result of excess tension in the eyes and so to see better you need to relax them. Doing a lot of up-close work, like using the computer a lot or reading, requires your eyes to tense up to focus. So if you're nearsighted your eyes are basically stuck and can't relax enough to see well far away. By using pinholes I'm hoping my eyes will be able to relax even while using the computer.

I feel like my eyes are relaxing. It's weird having these things on because I feel like want to take them off to see better! It's almost as if you've been running all the time and all of a sudden you realize you're walking but still traveling at the same speed. You still have the impulse to expend energy and run but, you don't have to. You don't have to work to see. It's weird, but so cool! If you're nearsighted you have to check these out!