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Science vs Religion


Found this gem on Digg. The original was 800x600 but I wanted to post it on other places so I redid it at a smaller size, 500x668. Got to practice my Photoshop skills! Plus it's just so damn funny! Hahaha.

Posted: Tue, May 27 2008 12:15 AM by Humpty
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Couple of cool things to view

Dr. Mercola has a health focus web site setup that also has a weekly (or greater) newsletter that gets sent out. I'm just now getting to the one from Thursday and there were some really cool things in it.

The first had a link to a Harper's Magazine article titled, "The Next Bubble: Priming the markets for tomorrow’s big crash". It's a long read concentrating on economics, but it's very well written and explains why we have this boom / bust cycle of economics in the U.S.

The second was a TED video that spoke about living in harmony with the earth. In the talk was a mention about something I'd never heard of before, permaculture. Basically permanent agriculture. Instead of thinking we have to bend nature to our will, we work with it. In the video the speaker mentions a visit he had to a farm that practiced this and how the farmer would have the cows graze a plot of land so that the grass was really short, he'd herd them out and 3 days later bring in chickens. He waited 3 days for the maggots in the cow manure to get fat, to be food for the chickens. As the chickens moved around they spread the manure around, added their own, and suddenly the grass had instant fertilizer. The grass would grow like crazy so the next ruminant could eat it. I really really really love a self-sustaining ecosystem like that.

In other, somewhat related, news. I think I may have figured out how to not use my air conditioner. I've tried this before but in the summer I tried it I simply couldn't tolerate the house getting to 86 degrees. So I'm trying again this year because I'm determined to not use the A/C. Both for saving money and in some way helping the planet.

I'm walking around the house practically nekkid, which is required because the house still warms up a good bit, and it actually got to the unbearable 86 degree temperature last night. The fact that it was so cool outside but absolutely baking inside led me to -- what I hope will be -- the final solution. Open up the attic door. Give a place for the warm air in the house to escape. I did that last night and I was amazed at how cool it was up there, even though it was baking in my house.

So today it's been open the whole day and I noticed the temperature in the house rise to 84 before going down to 83 and then 82! Hopefully this means by just leaving my windows and attic door open all summer long I can get away with not turning on the A/C.

Posted: Sat, May 24 2008 8:59 PM by Humpty
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The Meaning of Life: Choice

Probably a bold subject to choose, to propose an answer to a question pondered over millennia of human existence; but if I had to answer the question that's what my answer would be.

For me it's a choice of listening to my heart or my head. Or perhaps to be more precise, to believe things on faith, without any proof. For the majority of my 30 years here on planet Earth proof and surety were my bedrocks. My way to keep from being lost, to make sure my head didn't get lost in the clouds, to keep my feet planted firmly on the ground. I used to imagine my heart stuck in a perpetual ice storm, I was determined to keep it frozen, to keep its urges and desires at bay. To make sure I wouldn't be fooled by others. That was the only reason I did that: fear. Early in life I discovered people aren't always truthful, they sometimes say things to you they don't really mean. Sometimes they do it thinking they're protecting you, or in general some way to benefit you, other times they do it to hurt you.

It was a shocker when that realization first dawned on me. I guess it would be for a kid. You believe Santa Claus exists, the toothfairy comes to visit you, the Easter Bunny is big and fluffy, that people care about you. Realizing I had a fatal gullibility I was determined to plug that gap, so I would never trust anyone again. I would assume people were lying to me, that they were talking about me even if they smiled at me, that I could no longer trust my heart and what I felt.


I remember once when I was 8 and the kids at the playground were teasing me for being in love with a girl; icky for boys at that age. I remember my answer was simply and obviously -- to me -- yes. It wasn't a romantic love, more of a deep care and concern for another human being, the same could be felt for any person. :) I simply couldn't fathom why that would be laughed at. Why would love be mocked.


Time works in mysterious ways though. That incident at 8 took place before my attempted freezing of my heart, but the beginnings of the unfreezing occurred before that, a few years later at the same elementary school. I wanted to experiment in E.S.P.: should I bring my umbrella to school or not, do I trust the feeling I have it'll rain. I honestly can't remember now the outcome of that test, but I think back to that moment sometimes as a baby step in trusting myself again. Having gotten to a point where I determined life without a heart was no life worth living, I needed to find a path back.

And so baby steps I took, more and more, until I'm at the point I'm at now where my heart is beginning to become predominant over my actions. I've learned a lot. It really is like night and day. You appreciate the light more when you've dwelled without it. It's sweeter, perhaps. In terms of heart versus head the choice I made to listen to my heart again is probably one of the most impactful I've ever made. I like that it was a choice, that it wasn't always simply the case I'd trust it, it means more to me; my head was involved in it, ha. Just that I had an opportunity to continue as I was, to continue to make choices that were safe, that made sense. But I chose to step into, what was for me, the unknown. I chose that... :)

May seem an insignificant thing, to make a choice, but there's power in that action. It takes intention to choose. The greater the difference between two choices the more intention is needed to choose one. Ha, polarity! I think I may be understanding that.

It, my heart, is taking me places my head would've never gone. It's leading me to questions I long since thought resolved, that I'm discovering aren't. It's leading me to feelings I had buried so far I thought I'd moved past -- evolved beyond. :) The heart is a wonderful thing. It leads me to do things beyond all logic, even now.

Posted: Mon, May 12 2008 12:12 AM by Humpty
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A heading found

I'm not sure where I'm going or what I want out of life. No grand ambitions, no plans. Feel almost adrift at sea, the possibilities of where to go endless. Yet there are times when I know I'm headed in the right direction. It's a feeling. That indescribable feeling of joy and happiness. When you stumble upon something new and unexpected and you can't help but scream in ecstasy. Those moments are markers, that's when I know the direction of my life.

The game Folklore inspired that and this post. The music in it is some of the best I've heard. The title screen music is a short little piece, but it's full of the innocence of childhood, of infinite possibilities. Before knowledge sets in and constrains the mind. But yet, adults composed it. Adults who haven't lost their childhood wonder, adults who dream, adults that have knowledge in an unconstrained mind.

That's how the chess greats work. They consider the possibilities some might otherwise deem absurd. To free your mind and ponder what ought not to be pondered. Ha! Life is great. Sometimes there are possibilities we don't consider because we constrain ourselves, our thinking. Considering only what is proper, things that won't invite derision from others. But sometimes the best moves to make lie outside of what is proper, outside what is logical; outside the bounds of our own creation.


I used to think when I felt really happy around this time of year it was because I was happier as a child. Now I think it's just the unique sensory experiences available around this time that make me happy. They prompt that same boundless joy. To feel the deliciously crisp and cool night air. The smell of lilacs in the air. The surreal glow of night lights. The magic never fades.

How must a person act? What must certain kinds of people do? What stereotypes must we conform to? What things shall we not utter? :)