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Got caught in the rain again! This time I was walking around the lake I skate around to cool off. I had a good skate session today too. Ended up skating 13 laps. I decided to do the 13th as kind of a reward or celebration of my skill, heh. I've been experimenting with eating energy bars about an hour before I skate so I can maintain my energy level. When I ended my 12th lap, my usual stopping point, I discovered I still had enough energy to probably do another set of 3 laps; but decided one would be enough.

I felt like a bullet coming down the main straightaway on my last, 13th lap. I'm definitely getting my arm swings down. The coolest part is that when I envision just being a kid frivolously enjoying an activity, all wrapped up in a happy blanket, I do my best. If you were to look at me skating you'd see a skater with superbly timed arm and leg motions -- yeah I'm so not being modest now, haha. But if you could peek into my mind you'd see a grown-up kid happily playing in a pile of autumn leaves. :) I don't know, it's just such a freeing feeling. Feels like flying sometimes. I even discovered in my "victory" lap that bullet-like feeling of speed: when everything is just so perfectly coordinated the wind rushing past me begins to sound like a vortex. It's too bad that experience only lasted for a few seconds. But...I discovered it today so I know it's possible to recreate it again.

When I finally stopped skating though and got ready for my cool-off walk I could hear thunder rumbling in the distance. It was actually still bright and sunny out, despite the clouds, so I didn't think it would rain while I was walking. But just to be safe this time I didn't carry my cell phone and put a towel on my car seat. The last time I went walking in the rain I drenched my car seat! Good thing I live in the South where it's hot as a... so it dried out the next day.

The part about storms I love the most isn't the rain but the wind before it. I love the wind. :) I mean, I really really do. So taking the opportunity to experience this wind was hard to pass up. The sun never really stayed covered up either the entire time I was walking and subsequently got rained on. I think that experience was pretty cool too. Just seeing the same scenery I've seen for years from a new perspective. Millions of little rain drops bouncing off the lake. The rain looked like rays of sunlight since the wind pushed the drops like dancing curtains.

Philosophically I think there's a lot to the imagery. Just how you can experience something the same way over and over, but a shift in perspective and that same situation suddenly looks entirely different. But not just a shift in perspective though, it's a choice too. Usually I'd flee from the rain, to be safe, but staying in it I saw the world in a different way from the way I'm used to. There's something here I feel, some great thought to discover... Hmm, I may have to meditate in the rain.

Posted: Tue, Jul 22 2008 11:20 PM by Humpty
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Spineless Democrats!

I found this image somewhere and wanted to preserve it for posterity. We must not forget how utterly inept, cowardly, and spineless the current Democratic party is! The image refers to the Iraq war but in reality it applies to the entire party on many issues. It seems their definition of strength is being able to repeatedly take it in the ass from the Republicans.

Mainly I'm pissed about them passing the updated FISA bill, complete with telecom immunity, but also for actively blocking attempts to hold the Bush administration accountable for their crimes. Yes, I'm talking to you Ms. "Impeachment is off the table" Pelosi.

We really have to start changing how we elect leaders and representatives in this country. The current plurality requirements encourage the two party system we currently have. Basically the winner of a race is the person with the most votes, not the one with majority support from the voters. If you can manage to get 25% of the vote and keep your opponents from getting higher than that, then congratulations, you win! You may be a total scumbag but you'll still be awarded power. has a number of ideas to address this, primarily instant runoff voting (IRV). With this setup you rank your votes for the candidates. A first round of vote counting is done by looking at everyone's first choice. If no candidate gets a majority of the votes then the lowest vote getter is dropped from consideration for a second round. The people who had voted for the removed candidate have their votes transferred to their second choice and vote counting proceeds again. This goes on in multiple rounds of vote counting until a majority winner is determined. With something like this you could vote for a non-Republican or Democrat and not worry that your vote will be wasted if not enough other people vote for that candidate. Essentially being free of vote-splitting. This will allow 3rd parties a better shot at getting elected and make the Democrats actually work for our votes by actually doing stuff in Congress. Instead of the mentality of, "Vote for us because you don't want a Republican to win, do you?"

Posted: Thu, Jul 10 2008 10:33 PM by Humpty
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Naked to happiness

Little by little I'm discovering my niche in the world. That manner of being that makes me truly happy. When I think about the world being put forth by Bush & Cheney and their administration I see a world of fear, strife, and everlasting war. That is so not what I want. I want to live in a world of peace, happiness, and love. There's a scene in the movie Legend where the sun is bright, the cottage has the sweet smell of baked goods, the windows are open, wind blowing, tall grasses swaying in the wind, birds chirping, living sunlight dancing through leaves, tiny insects floating and flittering about. That's the kind of world that makes me happy.

It's easy to scoff at such things; I once did. But the thought of happiness is so very different from the reality. To feel it, to feel it is so very different from the thought of it. Thoughts can only go so far, can only see so much. Even in their infinite potential they are bound, because it's the potential that gives birth to them.

Love and light. In the beliefs I've adopted these are related. I wonder now if feelings are love and thoughts are light. Feelings the vast pool of infinite potential, thoughts the expression of that potential. Feelings you can't see, you can't see happiness, but it's there.

Today I was standing outside at an Earth Fare that recently opened here. There was a cookout to support the community and they had burgers for a dollar. The line was long enough to block a section of the parking lot, but still not too long. To stand there amongst people who cared for the environment, for their health, or some other factor that brought us together was nice. Even with the noonday summertime sun beating down on me.

Even this could only be written by feeling the nighttime breeze. Amongst the stars with the crickets chirping, being practically naked with the wind caressing me -- and of course my trusty LED flashlight so I can see to record my thoughts. The feeling was ruined when I initially went inside to my computer to write this, the thoughts faded. It's like a fire being nursed by gently blowing on it. Watching the embers spread and glow and grow, and snap, and crackle, and pop. Feelings are like that it seems. They need to be nursed, their source of energy coming from some unseen realm that's all around.

Posted: Thu, Jul 3 2008 10:56 PM by Humpty
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