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November 2008 - Posts

LastTab update

I normally don't like to comment on things I'm working on because I don't want to encourage vaporware, but I'm really happy with the progress of LastTab 3.0. I've been feeling very creative lately working on it and a project at my real job. Some people might think programming is dull and boring but I see it as an art form. Software can be designed in so many ways and trying to decide which design is the best, in your estimation, is really fun! For me there's a feeling like the software already exists somewhere else and I'm just trying my best to recreate how I see it. After so many iterations of code changes and tests it feels like nothing can be taken away or added to it, like it handles all the conditions that it's supposed to in an elegant way.

That said I definitely love object oriented programming. My project at work has me writing in C, not C++ nor C#, but just plain old C. Man, I've forgotten how nice it really is to be able to declare variables anywhere you damn well want in a code block without getting a compile error. And I miss grouping related code and data together in a class instead of having a mish mash of global functions and variable prefixes. Man, I can't believe I used to not put functions in a class! LOL

Anyway, back to LastTab. Sometimes I wonder if I should change the name of it since it seems some people think focusing the last selected tab after closing the current tab is its primary, if not original, function. It's always been a tab navigation extension, focusing another tab after closing the current one just got tacked on. I'm really excited about the new changes though. Redesigning from scratch has enabled more of the things I have in mind, and the design change alone has eliminated a few bugs and the necessity of some code fragments. Jettisoning support for Firefox 1.0 and 1.5 also helped; may even drop 2.0 as well, hmm.


Posted: Fri, Nov 14 2008 7:31 PM by Humpty | with 2 comment(s)
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Life paths and acceptance

This is kind of a remix of my last post; shoulda been in that one but felt betta not.

I think a good bit of my noticing individual life paths relates to me accepting my own. I've spent so much time not liking what I feel drawn to, wanting to feel drawn to things I see others do. As if my own uniqueness wasn't worthy of existence but yet others' was.

I think it's so cool actually my life has taken me to the realizations that I'm having now. And how odd it came from where it did.


There was a long pause between that set of thoughts and these. There's an indescribable happiness that forms when you solve something yourself rather than just being given the solution.

It makes me happy when, every now and then, someone feels inclined to message me about my blog and say how much they like it. It's just me being me, and someone likes that. That's a nice thing. :)

Yeah, getting old is cool. Damn, why can't I be 50 already! lol

Posted: Mon, Nov 3 2008 11:06 PM by Humpty
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The human family

Wow, how long has it been since I've written here before! :) I promise I haven't abandoned this blog-o-mine. I honestly didn't even realize I hadn't written here in such a long time until a friend of mine asked me about it, and even that was close to two months ago! Haha. There is, perhaps, a reason for my absence, but this blog has an identity crisis so I'm not sure what all I want to talk about on here. Never know who's reading these things, hehe.

Anyway, I'm writing now because I felt prompted to by a chance encounter at a grocery store today. I ran into a guy from college again that I seem to periodically run into every so often. It was the standard exchange you give someone you haven't seen in a few years: "Hey!!", "What's going on, haven't seen you in a while?", "You got married and have a daughter?!", "Say what!?"

Nothing makes you realize your age more than seeing a guy you hung around with in college spew out the phrase, "I'm a family man". Yeah, I know he didn't say that but that's what my bachelor ears heard. He looked different too, a bit more well-fed than before. When I was a kid I would've looked at him and thought, "adult", but being an adult the same age as him I just see "that guy". Very weird the tricks time and age play on you.

Truth be told I love getting older. I understand things better every day, I'm learning more, I'm becoming more comfortable in my skin, I love it really. The only downsides are looking in the mirror and seeing a not quite as youthful body as it once was. (Ahh...I really really looked good before. :)) Heh.

I feel more connected with people and the environment too as I age. I'm starting to view everyone as part of my human family. Everyone so wonderfully quirky and unique. I used to not always be like that. I used to be afraid of people, by and large. Afraid to open myself up. I still have lots of work to do in that area, but I think I'm opening up to a point where I view people differently. I no longer see a threat in everything that walks by. Now I see camaraderie, at least the potential. Everyone has their story, their explanation for how they got to where they're at right now. Isn't it so amazing how many different kinds of lives that can be lived! Simply astounding actually. I have but one path out of infinity.

I think about stuff like this when I see contrast, like seeing my college friend in a totally different life role than before and me more or less the same. Hmm. :) Life, and interesting.

Posted: Mon, Nov 3 2008 10:35 PM by Humpty
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