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March 2009 - Posts

Vision Correction Update!

It's been quite some time since I've made a post about my attempts at vision correction. So since it seems some people are actually interested in my little endeavor, I thought I'd post an update. :)

First off, I started this in August 2002. Back then I wore contacts quite often and my prescription was -4.00, -4.50. As of now, March 2009, 7 years later, I still have to wear glasses and my prescription is -3.00 in both eyes. Bummer, huh? And did I ever mention I've been diagnosed with glaucoma too? Bummer, huh? Depends on how you look at it! (Pun intended.)

Truthfully it does suck to still be shackled by the chains of glasses, but on the bright side I have learned a great deal and I do like sharing what I've discovered. As a kind of summary I'll reiterate my view that nearsightedness is caused by excessive tension in the eyes. Call me crazy if you want but this has continually been reinforced to me. With my last update I believe I mentioned my discovery of pinhole glasses and buying prescription glasses online. After about 2 years of dealing with these things I have to say on the whole they're gimmicks, with a big caveat. As of now the single greatest benefit I've found to help my vision is simply to not wear corrective lenses. Other aids, such as pinhole glasses and reduced strength lenses can help, but if you use these to the exclusion of bare naked eyes then they can become a detriment. Seems there are few shortcuts on the road of vision recovery.

Now the benefit I have seen with reduced strength lenses is that they can reduce the strain on your eyes if you find you must wear glasses. For me that means my chair is situated far enough away from my monitor at work that I have to wear glasses to see the screen. If I wear my normal -3.00 glasses my head starts to hurt within a few minutes, say 10 or so. So I bought a pair of -2.00 glasses to use at work and I don't notice as much pain. Pinhole glasses can work just as well, and yes, they do actually work. I just stopped using them for cosmetic purposes :) as well as being tired of looking through black plastic.

When I got the reduced strength lenses I thought I could wear them during the times I would have normally worn nothing, such as walking from my car to work, and they wouldn't have an adverse affect. But to be honest I've been noticing my vision getting worse since using them so much. Back in 2007 I was actually at -2.75 in my right eye and kind of close to that in my left. Now I feel -3.00 may not be enough. :( So I'm going back to what has worked, and that means wearing nothing on my eyes as much as possible.

Another thing I think is important. The stiffness that I think is in your eye, the ciliary muscle being stiff, I think you can actually feel it if you're sensitive enough. It seems to be akin to doing a habit you're not aware of, like nail biting or teeth grinding while you sleep. I'm starting to think myopes continually put strain on their eyes even when they don't have to. I've noticed lately my eyes feel like they flow better. Like when I turn my eyes to look at something, I actually turn my eyes instead of turning my head. And instead of trying to control how my eyes move I "let go" and let my eyes move on their own. I know that might sound weird but it's the closest statement I can make to describe the feeling. Imagine trying to draw a curve between two points, but instead of a smooth curve you get a right angle instead. This is the flow I mean, a smooth curve versus a sharp angle. The start and end points are the same, but the method of travel between the two is different. So what I felt is that when I moved my eyes they moved sharply, I didn't see all the intervening scenes between where I was looking and where I ended up looking. That's opposed to now where I see more of the intervening scenes.

In order to move your eyes smoothly you'd first have to be aware that you're not, and that's hard. This is where I said being sensitive can help. Trying to be aware of how you're using your eyes. Are you trying to control or force your vision? I.e., you don't care what's between where you are and where you're going. At the very least visualizing moving your eyes in a smooth arc could help illuminate if you have stiffness in your eyes. But, and this is interesting to me, I'm starting to think nearsightedness is in your head, your mind. The manifestation can be stiffly moving eyes, stiffly focusing muscles, but the root cause is your intention, your will. People who aren't aware of biting their nails do actually do it, and not all the time, but something prompts them. Same with the eyes I'm starting to think, some aspect of our personality induces a closing down of sorts of our vision.

Is that too metaphysical and new agey? Hahaha. Perhaps, but that is where my personal discoveries are leading me. Since I've resumed wearing nothing over my eyes again I've noticed a gradual clearing up of my vision. No, I am still quite clearly nearsighted, but what I mean is that the world sans glasses isn't as blurry as it has been the last 2 years. It's starting to feel fun again to see. Seeing should be as passive an act as hearing, or smelling. Allowing myself to see the intervening scenes as I shift my gaze is pleasant. :) For the more scientifically-minded individuals I wish I could avoid using language like that, but it is hard. Seeing is as much a mental as physical act, and because of that mental component your state of mind can influence how you see.

Perhaps one day I'll be able to go without glasses. Having glaucoma is a powerful motivator to try to restore my vision, rather than just wear crutches forever. Oh, and if you do have glaucome investigate using Triphala as an eyewash. It's an Indian herb, has worked quite well for me.

Blaze of Glory

What is up with all these people going out in a blaze of glory. Just read about a guy in Miami who killed four people at a family gathering, then went home and killed himself. He may have even set his home on fire before killing himself -- couldn't quite tell for sure from the article. It was just last week I read about two similar mass murder / suicides.

I understand people have hard times, difficult moments in life, but you don't solve it by taking your rage out on other people and yourself. If you feel compelled to kill someone just confine it to yourself. That guy you thought crossed you probably didn't have a personal vendetta against you like you thought. More than likely you just sucked at your job and instead of admitting that you put the blame on someone else. If your wife decides she's going to leave you is it really necessary you take her out before she can? People change, relationships change, sometimes they end, it happens. It's usually the case the dumpee is pissed about it, you needn't kill them (or random strangers) to express your anger. If someone loved and cared about you for a long time chances are they still do, even if they decide it's best to go separate ways.

If you're reading this and are contemplating suicide by cop, sawed off shotgun, or some other fantasy; stop, don't. Life is rarely that tough that you can't deal with it. Honestly look at yourself and think about why you want to kill everyone around you, or just yourself. I suspect most people who contemplate suicide in varying ways are just running from facing themselves -- it was my reason. Things do get better, life is worth living.

(I now return you to your regularly scheduled, soapbox-free, existence.)

Posted: Sun, Mar 15 2009 11:08 PM by Humpty
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