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Blue ray

No, not the 25GB per layer optical disc format, but the color of the throat energy center. I've recently been involved in conversations with someone that made me aware of this particular energy center. The essence of the blue color energy center is open communication so in talking with this person I decided to be more honest where I otherwise might have been more tactful, and for me less honest. What prompted me to do this was a feeling like I didn't want to color what I had to say, to mollify my speech to make it more palatable. No, I wanted to be blunt. Perhaps because I'm predisposed to thinking in terms of bodily energy centers the feeling seemed centered in my throat. Almost like the truth just wanted to leap out! Ha.

The metaphysical source I've frequented the most -- and you might be able to deduce what it is from the terminology I'm using -- places more emphasis on balancing energy centers however, and not on their brilliance. I liken it to having a clear pipe. If the water can flow all can be served; irrigation. In terms of energy this would mean keeping all your energy centers as clearly functioning as possible. Red, orange, as high as you can. Thinking ill of your sexual urges can hinder your ease in speaking freely.

Green ray is synonymous with universal love. When carrying on the aforementioned conversation I thought about balance and the green energy center in particular. Not allowing the energy of love to be expressed would not positively benefit the honesty I was attempting to express. It's an interesting thing, beliefs. Merely believing that blending love with honesty was important gave me moments of pause in my talk. It didn't actually alter what I said, but the thought did form a sort of threshold. If I couldn't find the love in what I was saying I chose not to say it. And on the other hand, if I could I said it as purely as I felt it, i.e. I was mad. :)

Nothing new in my actions to most people I suspect. :) But thoughts are powerful things. I wonder. Is the same action coming from two different thoughts really the same action? Would it elicit different reactions?

Posted: Wed, Apr 22 2009 11:50 PM by Humpty
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