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A bygone era

It's funny how it happens. It sneaks up on you while you're going about your life. It's so subtle and smooth you'll miss it, even if you are watching out for it.

I'm listening to Mr. Vain by Culture Beat right now. Despite coming out while I was in high school I didn't first hear it until I was in college. That's when my musical tastes broadened from the R&B and Hip-Hop genres to Dance and later House. It doesn't sound the same now though. The album cover has what I presume are twenty year olds, I imagine now they're family-somethings. I've been listening to a lot of music from my formative years and it's only now they seem different. All the songs about honey dipping and going downtown don't have the same spark and allure that they once had. A realization the singers are no longer who they were; the subject matter familiarized. The stars on T.V. are someone else now too, not the ones I remember.

The sun sets. The moon rises. The sun rises again.

Posted: Fri, Jun 5 2009 7:54 PM by Humpty
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