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So I got my first paycheck today from the new job and I can't believe it! This is actually happening, I'm living my new life! :D

So you wanna know what else is cool? I'm actually enjoying the job. The work environment is like a software development shop even though it's a bank. We have daily team meetings where we discuss issues. In the beginning I didn't know enough to contribute but I'm gradually able to more and more. It's a cool group of people I work with, it's fun. Challenging, yes, but fun. The building I work in is like an airport. The entire complex is composed of 9 lookalike buildings with 6 floors each. I park in a parking deck now, yay! No seriously, it's free. :) I feel big time now, haha. The concourse area of the complex has a food court with a Quiznos, cafeteria, junk food shops, fitness center, bank tellers (of course), an optometrist, doctor's, and dentist's office, there's even some beauty shop and a daycare. There are break rooms on every floor with each containing vending machines, microwaves, refrigerators, and sinks. This place is crazy, and I'm a part of it! Nothing at all like what I thought it would be, not at all.

Last Friday I spent the entire day writing up a mock up of an idea I had to improve the application we're working on. There are 4 people on the team who've worked on it longer than me, and 2 others who are new like me, so I was a bit nervous to put myself out there like that. The new guy proposing changes. That's why I'm there really so I shouldn't have been that concerned, but still I was. Come back to work on Monday and apparently people liked it! Turns out I wasn't the only one to suggest what I did, previous people who've worked on the app have suggested something similar. But it was still nice to think that after 7 days or so on the job I identified the same problem area and solution as others.

And to think I doubted myself before taking the job. :P At times I would get nervous when I realized what I had gotten myself into. I haven't drawn up flowcharts and written design documents in, like, never, but here I am, doing it. Almost felt like I bluffed my way into a job I wasn't qualified for, but now I realize I am qualified, most definitely. There are some smart people that work here, and one of them decided to hire me! Ha.

Posted: Wed, Oct 21 2009 8:27 PM by Humpty
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