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So I sit here inspired enough to write again! I've found the things I say tend to be more meaningful when I wait until the feeling comes.

Lately I've been watching old TV shows via Netflix. Old as in, say, 1999. :) Time does fly, huh. Roswell was the show I never got around to watching during its original run on TV so it was nice to fulfill a dream and take a stroll down memory lane at the same time.

One theme of the show stuck out to me. It's one I've seen in many many stories, whether told via the medium of audio/visual, print, or aurally. Power. Some want it. They want it so much in fact it becomes a right for them. What's yours should be theirs by virtue of their desire. :) Not a completely foreign idea to most, the desire to want. What was interesting about Roswell was to see the motivation of those who not only desire but desire to keep all others away. Greed.

As a kid – okay and I admit sometimes as an adult :) – I've desired some special power: invisibility, super this, super that. Lately the question of why has popped up. What purpose would it serve. The benefit lies solely in its lack in others. What good is super this and that if everyone has it, it's no longer super, no longer special. It's a never ending chimera, a pot at the end of the rainbow, chasing something that will always be… just out of reach.

Posted: Tue, Mar 9 2010 11:40 PM by Humpty
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