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I've been working on the latest version of a software project of mine for a while now, and having great fun doing so! But because of the need to do things like working to earn money, a lot of times I have to ponder how to design something in my head while driving, walking to work, shopping in the supermarket, etc. Usually the gap between settling on a design and coding it isn't that great. But last week I hit a point where all the questions I had about a design ended and all I could do was code it, yet I didn't have time or energy for it.

It was interesting to notice how a lot of my exuberant energy lessened as more time went by that I didn't act on what I had created. It made me think about the phrase "use it or lose it", but it especially made me think about the idea of not acting on what you know, in a spiritual sense, in a power sense. One of the reasons I write this blog is to note interesting things that I can't place in a larger context yet. One of these interesting things – which I haven't blogged about – concerns life.

I came across a statement that, paraphrased, went something like, "Life will extend by its own volition". Recently I've found myself fascinated by another idea concerning human lifespan, that it's optimally around 900 years. The reasons given for our present-day average of 70 – 80 years is that we live inharmonious lives. All 3 ideas expressed here: 1) stymied energy, 2) lifespan being a function of will / desire, and 3) we live much shorter lives than capable; seem to swirl together. It's an interesting thing to ponder: that we die as soon as we do, relatively speaking, because our life force is in some way stymied. We don't live our truths. The creative boundless energy of youth gets stuck, unable to progress, because we don't move forward and act on what we feel and know. We don't race shopping carts down the aisle because adults don't do that, haha.

I do find it very fascinating how thoughts can be attracted to things. Not in a superficial way, but long term. Those topics around which your thoughts orbit. I love life, hehe. :)

Posted: Mon, Mar 29 2010 9:50 PM by Humpty
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