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Unconditional Love

Depending on where this is read you may or may not have seen a previous post of mine where I lamented the decision of another. It's only important to mention now as a backdrop for this post.

Someone commented an idea of accepting the actions of others that I wouldn't make myself. Despite believing I had learned this lesson it's occurred to me since I still have much to learn. Today I was sharing a method of doing a programming task with a coworker. They appreciated the info but decided to continue doing things as they have been. Of course I really believed my way was better :) but I think by then the lesson of accepting others as they are had been sinking in. There was still a twinge of perhaps impressing my will, but for the most part I recognized my way -- despite whatever perceived advantages I see -- is just one way, a way. I was mostly happy with that. I like that I'm making progress.

I imagine unconditional love as the sun actually. Strong and powerful, but yet peaceful as well. Physically the desire to expand, to share, tempered with the weight of wisdom; a balance found.

Given this mood I found myself going through memories. People that in some way I interacted with at one point in my existence but yet no longer do now. I'm happy for them with the changes I come across. For whatever reason I decided to experience life on this planet, in this way, I'm coming to the conclusion I had a theme of acceptance. Constantly I find myself relearning this lesson, in many sundry ways. Constantly I find myself re-realizing the importance of expressing the heart, the essence of a person. In these lessons it fascinates me to discover how much there is simply to learn, the many subtle ways I doubt and limit myself without realizing it. It's quite humbling actually. Acceptance of others as they are can hardly take place until I accept myself as I am I'm realizing.

That's all for now. Hope all who've read it enjoy it. (And if not that's cool too, I accept that. lol)

Posted: Wed, Jun 16 2010 12:39 AM by Humpty
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