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September 2010 - Posts

LastTab 3.0a1

LastTab 3.0a1

Been a long time since I've posted about LastTab, this is a random topic blog after all. In any case I've decided to release what I've been working on for a while, since late 2008 actually. I haven't worked continuously on LastTab throughout all that time, and if you do read the randomness on my blog you can probably tell that, haha. But I've just come to accept I'm not a super hardcore developer like I may want to be. During the summer months I want to get out the house, and on the weekends I want to relax instead of working some more. But LastTab 3 is a labor of love that I'd also like to release and be done with. "Real artists ship". So in that spirit I thought 2 years was enough time to sit on what I think is a really good product. It's not all the features I want to be a part of version 3, I want at least all features of version 2 represented in some way, but it's enough to use. I've been dogfooding it for months now.

So now on my checklist of things to do:

  • Firefox 4 compatibility
  • Firefox 4 new features (tab groups)
  • Enhanced menu popup (menu with single large preview)
  • Element activator + Popup Position support in options
  • Previews popup (all previews)
  • Focusing support for tab openers
  • Mouse activator

Anyway, check it out and post feedback in the forums.

Posted: Mon, Sep 27 2010 1:28 AM by Humpty
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Dream: Running up that track

Had an interesting dream today I thought I'd post. An interpretation follows.

I was part of a race of many people but only a few I focused on in the dream; this wasn't a race with a winner you merely had to finish. T was there as well as a few others from the time period I knew him. The major feature of this race was that you had to run up the track after going straight for a bit. It was bright and sunny outside with green, presumably from grass, featuring prominently in the color scheme as well. The track was not black asphalt but whitish of some material, a bit of a checkerboard pattern. The vertical portion of the track had periodic gaps. I was concerned about being able to race up the track but when I got to it I discovered it was indeed possible, though I had no idea how or why. I seemed to be alone in my ascendancy up the track, as in T and the others were nowhere to be seen. I was not the only person going up the track though, I just didn't know the other people. It was rather sparsely populated as well, and some people were stuck or rested at certain sections. The track seemed thin from the bottom but as I got to see the gaps up close I could see the track had enough depth for you to rest at a gap.

As I got higher the background changed from a sky blue to starry space, it looked rather surreal against the checkerboard track. At a certain point the track ceased to be perfectly vertical and a horizontal curve was introduced. This made the track no less difficult to progress through as the obstacles simply changed. I can't recall much of the new track, but it was more a matter of faith getting through the track I noticed; getting past visual illusions. I eventually made it to the top and remember the last challenge was to go along a narrow section of the track and somehow get over to the finish platform. I had to feel along next to the track to find invisible sections of it. At this point the track was so high up it looked as if you could fall off at any moment. Once I got onto the invisible section of the track it made itself visible so I could see where to go. On the platform was Ragan from Big Brother and a few other people. He seemed somewhat hostile or mad at me.

My main impression as to what this dream meant was a representation of the current planetary situation. The track representing life, with various obstacles. The checkerboard pattern representing duality -- I've been reading about the archetypical mind and symbolism in the Major Arcana of the tarot lately. The vertical nature of the initial part of the track seemed to represent ascending. A bit puzzled as to whether the later horizontal nature of the track represented 3rd density or beyond. Perhaps the starry space background indicates it's beyond. The sparsely populated nature of the track representing not many will ascend. Colors have been prominent in some of my dreams as of late, generally speaking I interpreted the green and blue in terms of chakra colors.

Posted: Mon, Sep 20 2010 9:42 PM by Humpty
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Was watching TV today and saw a commercial for Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole. The thing that struck me the most while watching it was the basic plot of a savior. It's never really occurred to me how much this concept is in our culture. Always weak lil old you that needs to be saved. The ever present idea that you can't do something and thus need to look outside of yourself. Don't develop yourself, instead look outside of yourself to someone else. Interesting; the effect one seed idea can have.

Posted: Thu, Sep 16 2010 12:13 AM by Humpty
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I dreamed my cat is mad at me!

I had a dream my cat was meowing but I could hear it as English! It's the first dream I've ever had where an animal was talking. I looked up the dream symbolism of talking animals and it's supposed to represent wisdom or high potential. Animals representing a primal aspect of you and so for it to speak means communication from that aspect. Cats represent femininity, individuality, power, bad luck, yay! Personally since this was my cat in my dream, and not just some random cat, I tend to think the dream was about her, almost like a cat whisperer. My cat told me when she's pacing furiously around the coffee table that she's really mad at me. :)

I've been writing down my dreams a lot more lately ever since I came across advice suggesting it as a way to communicate with your unconscious, or wider self. I used to write them down a lot but stopped when my dream recall became too excessive -- only had 30 minutes for breakfast. So now I try to jot down the major plot points and my feelings. Interestingly, ever since my intention has been to use my dreams to communicate with myself they seem to come more frequently after I write them down. This cat dream is the first dream I've had in days and only came after I succumbed to this nagging voice to write down the last dream I had. It's almost like a conversation, nothing much comes until what has come before has been appropriately received.

The scientist in me imagines how maddening crazy I must seem to some who read this, haha. But the kid in me doesn't really care. Unbridled rationalism is starting to seem boring and dry. It's pretty interesting to explore consciousness.

Posted: Tue, Sep 7 2010 9:02 PM by Humpty
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