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You know, it occurred to me today I really don't have much idea of what my spirit is. There's the idea that we have a mind, body, and soul; I'll use the term spirit. It's fairly obvious what the body portion of that trinity is. The mind portion too, fairly obvious, your consciousness: intellect, feelings, emotions, intangible things. But the spirit portion I have a much tougher time getting a grasp of. If the body has its way of perceiving the world, the mind its own way, then the spirit would have its own way as well. The best definition I've come across of spirit describes it as a shuttle between us as an individual and the whole.

It's kinda odd when I think about it now that it's taken me this long to realize how much I don't know of the spirit, even though it is a part of me as much as my mind and my body. I have to imagine the miraculous things you read about in history are achieved via the spirit. My imaginations of communicating with my higher self as well. One thing I'm realizing I'll have to be careful of, should I choose to explore more of my spirit, is to let it be what it is. That is, don't approach it from a mind or body perspective. Sort of like how the mind is not the brain, that's a body perspective.

Posted: Sun, Oct 24 2010 11:39 PM by Humpty
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