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The price of freedom is eternal vigilance

The amount of corruption in this country, and the world, beggars the imagination. I'm going through email and came across a link describing the American College of Nutrition (ACN) wanting to merge with a similar organization, the American Society for Nutrition (ASN). ASN apparently manages the Smart Choice food labeling system, and Fruit Loops got it. A food that's 41% sugar and made with partially hydrogenated oils. Turns out ASN receives major funding from the same companies who might receive the label. So ACN wanting to merge with ASN is a bit fishy, and definitely doesn't seem to be in the best interests of nutrition knowledge.

As a consumer it would be easy to just trust the label, Smart Choice, and feel good about eating all that sugar. It's crazy how often you have to delve into the truth of matters on your own and not just take what's said at face value. As potentially tiring as I might find having to verify everything myself, it honestly seems a natural requirement.

I was thinking about nature and how the body constantly wards off bacteria, viruses, and other organisms that want to consume it. It's only when you die that they win and you start to decompose. The price of living is eternal vigilance, against bacteria et al. Stars have to constantly generate enough energy to keep gravity from collapsing them. Seems nothing really does exist in a vacuum. You check your brain at the door and something else will happily fill in for it.

The society we have really is of our own making. Too many of us have become complacent in taking responsibility for it. So that leaves a huge vacuum that a few, namely corporations, fill in for us.

Posted: Fri, Nov 26 2010 9:58 PM by Humpty
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Tarot and the Archetypical Mind

I've been kind of intrigued by the major arcana of the tarot since reading about its relationship to the archetypical mind in the Law of One. Below is an image I've created to express what I know. Probably the biggest thing to note is the division between the mind, body, and spirit of 21 of the cards, or archetypes. Secondly the 7 classifications: matrix, potentiator, etc. So you have Matrix of the Mind, Transformation of the Body, etc. There are pairings that were expressed as useful for contemplation as well: matrix and potentiator, catalyst and experience, and transformation and great way. I've colored the cards to illustrate these pairings; the colors chosen were subjectively chosen by me for clarity in an image and were not expressed in the book. You'll notice the significators aren't paired with any archetype in their group, rather they were suggested to be seen in relation to The Choice, card 22.

Briefly the archetypical mind would be the blueprint of life. In terms closer to home how you learn or evolve. The matrix being all that is in potentiation. The potentiator that aspect that initiates. Catalyst being that which is initiated; creation or a situation. Experience, experience of the catalyst. The significator the most efficient use of the catalyst. Transformation seems to be the change brought about; learning. The great way I might say I see as bias gained, a path formed, as opposed to random movement.

Posted: Sun, Nov 14 2010 6:48 PM by Humpty
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Reality creation

You can choose to see yourself as a flag blown in the wind; you can also choose to see yourself as both the wind that blows and the flag that is blown.

This reality creation stuff is pretty interesting. This I say after sunning myself outside, feeling the wind and warm sun against me, watching a cat frolic and hunt down bugs. I'm going to be given the opportunity to help interview for a position we have on our development team this week. I see it as an honor to be chosen for this. It's something that I've always wondered how I would do at, and simultaneously something I've feared. Feared mainly for messing it up, being in a role that I've never been in before. It was interesting for me to note the differing ways of seeing this opportunity being in this sunny environment.

It's possible to see it as inevitable and without much meaning needing to be attached to it. Given the constant churn of developers on this team, due to a company policy of a set duration of time a contractor can work, I'm a senior developer and thus qualified to interview someone. Still, I see it as an honor since it isn't necessary that I was chosen, especially since full-timers usually do this. The same situation, two possible interpretations; a choice must be made. That, I believe, is the most important thing to note: choice. We always have it. Frequently, I suspect though, this realization isn't always apparent.

I have an opportunity to experience something that I've always wanted to experience. An inevitable situation given what I've described above, or the manifestation of a heart's desire? The thing about reality creation I've begun to notice is that it somewhat flies in the face of the scientific method. The observer is the observed. This isn't quite like saying a human is the eagle being observed. :) But rather finer forces. In the scientific experiment of the truth of reality creation the observed outcome is determined by the desires of the observer. If you're familiar with quantum physics on some level this will sound familiar. The issues become elevated beyond simply asking what is possible and onto what is desired.

This heart's desire I mention is a tricky thing itself. It becomes more important to acknowledge the totality of who you are in determining this thing called heart's desire. By totality I'm thinking of the division of consciousness colloquially termed consciousness and subconsciousness / unconsciousness. The amount of energy, or intention, directed at an outcome determines the outcome chosen. So if you've got some aspect of yourself that you're unaware of for the most part who knows what you'll create for yourself. Definitely puts knowing yourself among the more important tasks to accomplish. Much much more to learn for me.