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Tarot and the Archetypical Mind

I've been kind of intrigued by the major arcana of the tarot since reading about its relationship to the archetypical mind in the Law of One. Below is an image I've created to express what I know. Probably the biggest thing to note is the division between the mind, body, and spirit of 21 of the cards, or archetypes. Secondly the 7 classifications: matrix, potentiator, etc. So you have Matrix of the Mind, Transformation of the Body, etc. There are pairings that were expressed as useful for contemplation as well: matrix and potentiator, catalyst and experience, and transformation and great way. I've colored the cards to illustrate these pairings; the colors chosen were subjectively chosen by me for clarity in an image and were not expressed in the book. You'll notice the significators aren't paired with any archetype in their group, rather they were suggested to be seen in relation to The Choice, card 22.

Briefly the archetypical mind would be the blueprint of life. In terms closer to home how you learn or evolve. The matrix being all that is in potentiation. The potentiator that aspect that initiates. Catalyst being that which is initiated; creation or a situation. Experience, experience of the catalyst. The significator the most efficient use of the catalyst. Transformation seems to be the change brought about; learning. The great way I might say I see as bias gained, a path formed, as opposed to random movement.

Posted: Sun, Nov 14 2010 6:48 PM by Humpty
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