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LastTab 3.0t3 released

Bleary-eyed, but it's released. Truth be told I'd rather not release it right now, but, since Mozilla went ahead and released Firefox 4 I felt I had no choice. Version 3.0t3 is, at this point, more or less the successor to LastTab 2.2 so I'll be releasing it on Mozilla's Add-ons site shortly. I seriously didn't get anywhere near the time I would rather have to dogfood the new features, but such is life and a promised release on the weekend. Hey, it's still technically the weekend, lol. I unexpectedly ran into issues that just had to be corrected before release.

Aside from the gripes I actually am happy with the new Enhanced Menu popup. I had always planned on adding this popup, but as I got into creating it I realized I really miss the binding features of WPF. So I included a primitive version of a data binding engine. Some parts of the Enhanced Menu are bound to each other so it simplifies the coding some. I didn't have time to fully flesh it out the way I want for this release, but I eventually plan on using it for the options dialog and other parts of the extension as appropriate. Might even see about releasing it as a separate download.

Something new to LastTab is what I'm calling content detection for the previews. Like the data binding engine this was a completely unplanned feature. Now that I have a widescreen monitor I noticed how much space I was staring at in the previews and got curious about getting rid of it. Starting investigating the DOM and how to spot the real content on a page. Over a few weekends -- when I had time to work on LastTab -- it became my little obsession as I saw how neat it was. Perfect it ain't, which is the prime reason I included an option to turn it off, but I think over time it'll get better. Overall I much prefer it to the standard "show everything" previews. It'll really come into play with the planned all previews popup and help give each tab more distinctiveness, since the previews will be different dimensions.

Content Detection Comparison
On Off

One other new thing about previews in LastTab is how the size of the previews are specified. Previously you would specify an integer width. I decided to eliminate this in favor of a monitor resolution dependent scale. I thought this would be more user friendly in the sense that you can use a slider to specify the preview size.

Okay, time for sleep.

Posted: Mon, Mar 28 2011 1:01 AM by Humpty | with 7 comment(s)
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