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The miseducation of me
Reading the title to Lauryn Hill's first album was probably the first time the idea of being misinformed entered my awareness. It's kind of funny to think about now but up until then I just never really questioned certain aspects about life. Some...
Posted: Mon, Feb 7 2011 9:49 PM by Humpty | with 2 comment(s)
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The price of freedom is eternal vigilance
The amount of corruption in this country, and the world, beggars the imagination. I'm going through email and came across a link describing the American College of Nutrition (ACN) wanting to merge with a similar organization, the American Society...
Posted: Fri, Nov 26 2010 9:58 PM by Humpty
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Bizarro World
This country is crazy. Just read how Obama is going to start being concerned about the middle class again. Did it really take the loss of Edward Kennedy's seat to a Republican to bring about this sudden change of heart? Obama, did you think your actions...
Posted: Mon, Jan 25 2010 11:00 PM by Humpty
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An open letter on the need for universal health care
I'm writing this to express my support for universal health care. I formerly was against this as I didn't want to support the health care costs of someone who, in my opinion, led an unhealthy lifestyle and thus incurred avoidable health expenses...
Blaze of Glory
What is up with all these people going out in a blaze of glory. Just read about a guy in Miami who killed four people at a family gathering, then went home and killed himself. He may have even set his home on fire before killing himself -- couldn't...
Posted: Sun, Mar 15 2009 11:08 PM by Humpty
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Spineless Democrats!
I found this image somewhere and wanted to preserve it for posterity. We must not forget how utterly inept, cowardly, and spineless the current Democratic party is! The image refers to the Iraq war but in reality it applies to the entire party on many...
Posted: Thu, Jul 10 2008 10:33 PM by Humpty
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Family Meals Around the World
My officemate shared an email with me that showed the meals families around the world ate. The email was intended to draw attention to rising food prices. But what I found interesting was all the junk food the American family ate compared to the other...
Posted: Tue, Jun 10 2008 10:27 PM by Humpty
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Corruption and greediness
I just watched an hour and a half long video about the dangers of genetically modified foods. I don't want to get into it here though, but if you want to check it out here it is . The...
Universal healthcare in America
I watched Sicko on Saturday and cried when I saw 9/11 volunteers suffering from chronic respiratory problems and other problems, unable to get treatment because they couldn't afford it or were flat-out denied by health insurance companies. After watching...
Another public service announcement
If you wear glasses type, don't run to, , and pay like $20 for glasses! I found out about this site from the same place that I bought my pinhole glasses . If you do wear glasses paying hundreds of dollars is what you're probably used...
My feelings on Tab Mix Plus
I've just released LastTab 2.0.5 and it fixes a problem on Mac OS that finally allows LastTab's tab list to function properly on it, well coupled with Firefox 2.0. I was actually somewhat reluctant to even release the fix though after reading...
I've had it with CSS!!
I am sick to death of CSS and I ain't gonna take it no more. Why is it so damned difficult to lay out elements horizontally on the page! Geezus. I want to move away from layout tables, trust me, I do, but not being able to lay out elements horizontally...
Posted: Tue, Aug 29 2006 5:17 PM by Humpty | with 2 comment(s)
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Are clothes getting larger?
I went clothes shopping a few weekends ago because quite a number of my garments had holes in them, and this is the only reason I go shopping for clothes. So I go and spot a few shirts I like. Up till now I've always bought shirts in a size large, even...
How to drive like an idiot
This is probably going to become a series regular here. The one thing I don't get is why people slow down before getting into their turn lane. Why don't they move into their turning lane and then decelerate. This will keep the traffic behind the person...
Maxthon the Great!
With all the hype surrounding Firefox you'd think it was the Second Coming or something. I feel it is my sacred duty as a blogger to help balance the forces that seek to tip the balance of browser usage :). Firefox isn't that bad, the thing I...
Posted: Thu, Mar 24 2005 12:11 AM by Humpty | with 6 comment(s)
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