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How do you know the truth?
This was a question I woke up with last week.
Posted: Sat, Jan 1 2011 11:40 AM by Humpty
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Dream: Running up that track
Had an interesting dream today I thought I'd post. An interpretation follows. I was part of a race of many people but only a few I focused on in the dream; this wasn't a race with a winner you merely had to finish. T was there as well as a few...
Posted: Mon, Sep 20 2010 9:42 PM by Humpty
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I dreamed my cat is mad at me!
I had a dream my cat was meowing but I could hear it as English! It's the first dream I've ever had where an animal was talking. I looked up the dream symbolism of talking animals and it's supposed to represent wisdom or high potential. Animals...
Posted: Tue, Sep 7 2010 9:02 PM by Humpty
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Subconscious realization
I just remembered something today that I knew I knew, but yet didn't at the point in time I wanted to know it. It was the name of an actor I wanted to recall on the drive to work. I knew for a fact at some point in my life I had heard it, I knew of...
Back to back life lessons
This is more of a "write it down so I don't forget it" post. I had a dream today that I learned something from. I'm actually a bit amazed at that since I haven't often had dreams that convey a life lesson. But in this one I found...
Dream (Riding a shark)
Haven't shared a dream in a while but this one seems so interesting I wanted to share with the world. As a backdrop to help understand it I've been looking for a new job for a while now. One of the recruiting agencies that contacted me has, in...
Posted: Mon, Sep 7 2009 4:16 PM by Humpty
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Dream (Ma-muel)
Still waking up in the middle of the night. Today I was dreaming about this person named Ma-muel. It actually started out with her being a porcupine, or maybe a hedgehog. She was extremely skilled as a doctor and was basically being forced to use her...
Posted: Mon, Mar 3 2008 7:50 PM by Humpty
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Early Morning Musings
Today and yesterday I've woken up in the middle of the night. Since I didn't have any pressing need to go to the bathroom, or any other physical condition to worry about, it makes me think I woke up to remember what I was dreaming about. I thought about...
Posted: Sat, Jan 12 2008 7:02 AM by Humpty
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Dream (Basketball Event)
Dreamed I was going to a super basketball event, nearly a worldwide event. I was assigned a specific number to park my car. I parked in a gravel parking lot and the building seemed like a high school, not at all matching up to my expectations given the...
Posted: Sun, Jul 15 2007 12:33 PM by Humpty
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Dream (I'm dead)
Had a strange dream today where I was a ghost. The emphasis seemed to be more on that I had just died though. I was in a building, and the color orange springs to mind, but there were a lot of people sitting around a table. Everyone was someone at work...
Posted: Wed, Nov 29 2006 9:32 PM by Humpty
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Dream (Big spiders and award ceremony)
I was in my office at work when my officemate said there was a spider above my head. I looked up and there was a huge spider laying on a equally large web right above my head at my desk. The web was horizontal, like a hammock. I then noticed that there...
Posted: Thu, Aug 10 2006 7:57 PM by Humpty
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Dream, (Gas planet, dragon, time travel)
I was telling the dream I had today to a friend and she said that everytime I tell her my dreams she can visualize them and they amaze her; primarily because the amount of detail I can recall. She likes reading fantasy books and the things I dream about...
Posted: Sat, Jul 15 2006 11:17 PM by Humpty
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