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I stand on the edge of a cliff, a place I've been to before several times. All the roads I follow lead me here. In the past I was afraid of where I ended up, couldn't believe my path ended here...turned my head and created another path, away from...
Posted: Sat, Nov 19 2011 10:03 AM by Humpty
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Things I've learned (from chasing this woman)
Despite the title this is not, I suspect, going to be a dating adventures post. Rather it's really going to be what I've learned about myself and life as a result of pursuing a woman. Since I view life as a classroom I try to distill lessons from...
Karma in action
I'm really happy about something that happened today, even if on the surface it sucked. There's a lady I've been trying to pursue for a while at work before my contract ends. It's been hard to gauge how she feels about me. She's very...
Reality creation
You can choose to see yourself as a flag blown in the wind; you can also choose to see yourself as both the wind that blows and the flag that is blown. This reality creation stuff is pretty interesting. This I say after sunning myself outside, feeling...
You know, it occurred to me today I really don't have much idea of what my spirit is. There's the idea that we have a mind, body, and soul; I'll use the term spirit. It's fairly obvious what the body portion of that trinity is. The mind...
Posted: Sun, Oct 24 2010 11:39 PM by Humpty
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Choosing a different path
Beliefs are a funny thing. Whatever the truth of them they have a very real affect on you. They guide your thoughts, in turn your actions; they're the blueprint of you in a very real sense. So a couple of days ago I was at work talking with a friend...
Know yourself
Interesting interesting interesting day at work today! I learned something! Or I should say I'm learning something. I'll explain. The Setup On the team I'm working with I've been moved to a part of it responsible for improving the app...
Mimi Rogers likes the fish
So did I ever tell you the one about the fish out of water who walks into a bar and orders a Bloody Mary? No? Ha, that's because I never knew a fish that could hold his liquor, let alone walk into a bar to get it. But what I do know is I have an itch...
Fortune favors the bold
So I got my first paycheck today from the new job and I can't believe it! This is actually happening, I'm living my new life! :D So you wanna know what else is cool? I'm actually enjoying the job. The work environment is like a software development...
Posted: Wed, Oct 21 2009 8:27 PM by Humpty
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My last day
So today was the last day at my current, now former, job. I started the day waking up at 4 in the morning worrying if I'm making the right decision. I left a full-time position at a comfortable place that I've been at for 9 years for a 12 - 18...
Posted: Sat, Oct 3 2009 12:03 AM by Humpty
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Fondest wish
I realized today a fond wish I have, maybe even my fondest wish. Simply put I want my inner world to be my outer world. I want to follow my heart so often that it ceases becoming a special thing to me. Like if it were sunny all day long eventually you'd...
Lucifer, the lightbringer
I feel so happy right now, no joke! I just have to get this out of me and share, it feels like a crime to keep it all to myself. Sharing is the key aspect to my feeling, sharing myself that is. See my day started off in a conundrum because I have two...
Posted: Sat, Sep 12 2009 1:02 AM by Humpty
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The hills are alive, with the sound of...
There are times I wish I hadn't submitted my resume online, it's been nothing but chaos ever since. So many doors presented themselves to me, I had no idea how many there could be. Trying to choose from amongst them was, is, a bit much. More than...
Posted: Sun, Aug 30 2009 12:53 AM by Humpty
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The Silence
I don't think I've ever quite felt the way I've been feeling the past few days. It's a feeling kinda like wanting to go to sleep yet it's not sleep I want, not physical sleep anyway. But it definitely feels like a rest is needed, is...
Posted: Tue, Aug 11 2009 11:14 PM by Humpty
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A bygone era
It's funny how it happens. It sneaks up on you while you're going about your life. It's so subtle and smooth you'll miss it, even if you are watching out for it. I'm listening to Mr. Vain by Culture Beat right now. Despite coming out...
Posted: Fri, Jun 5 2009 7:54 PM by Humpty
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