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Tarot and the Archetypical Mind
I've been kind of intrigued by the major arcana of the tarot since reading about its relationship to the archetypical mind in the Law of One. Below is an image I've created to express what I know. Probably the biggest thing to note is the division...
Posted: Sun, Nov 14 2010 6:48 PM by Humpty
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Reality creation
You can choose to see yourself as a flag blown in the wind; you can also choose to see yourself as both the wind that blows and the flag that is blown. This reality creation stuff is pretty interesting. This I say after sunning myself outside, feeling...
I've been learning a lot the last couple of weeks, specifically in regards to the ego. It started for me a few weeks ago during a team meeting at work. I had major reservations about what another team member had done and felt the only way I could...
Subconscious realization
I just remembered something today that I knew I knew, but yet didn't at the point in time I wanted to know it. It was the name of an actor I wanted to recall on the drive to work. I knew for a fact at some point in my life I had heard it, I knew of...
I was thinking on the way home today how really happy I am with my life at the moment. It was a nicely dreary day out and I was happy to be mostly done with a project I've spent a year on at work. Happy to have learned a new aspect to a programming...
Inchoate Meanderings
I like posting the thoughts I have that reach conclusions, or at least interesting plateaus. This blog is like a notebook, an online diary of sorts; a place to bring them together in a way that's viewable by others. Thinking can definitely be an art...
Posted: Tue, Jun 3 2008 9:46 PM by Humpty
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Science vs Religion
Found this gem on Digg. The original was 800x600 but I wanted to post it on other places so I redid it at a smaller size, 500x668. Got to practice my Photoshop skills! Plus it's just so damn funny! Hahaha.
Posted: Tue, May 27 2008 12:15 AM by Humpty
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A heading found
I'm not sure where I'm going or what I want out of life. No grand ambitions, no plans. Feel almost adrift at sea, the possibilities of where to go endless. Yet there are times when I know I'm headed in the right direction. It's a feeling...
Primal Pleasures
I've been wanting to write this post for a while, but it's never felt right until now. I went out to a different park today than the one I skate around because they have this annual festival there this time of year. I just wanted to walk and think...
Be the wind
The weather definitely plays a big time role in my emotions. When it's dreary and cloudy out I feel downer and more depressed than normal. When the sun's out there's suddenly no end to the joy I feel. A lot of times I experience that immense...
Just a theory on evolution. Not physical evolution, but spiritual, or whatever you want to term non-physical; consciousness. Evolution involves increasing levels of awareness. At some point consciousness becomes aware of its surroundings, it becomes aware...
Posted: Wed, Apr 16 2008 11:23 PM by Humpty
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Jill's stroke of insight
Hot on the heels of my previous post about suggesting the connectedness of all comes another find. This time it's a video of Jill Taylor describing her stroke experience . She's a scientist but she expresses herself in such poetic terms. One of the central...
Posted: Mon, Mar 17 2008 8:21 PM by Humpty
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All is one
Would it seem odd to you if I suggested everything in existence was one being? I was catching up on some reading and finished an article in Discover magazine about how Albert Einstein rejected a lot of the conclusions of his ideas. Singularities, the...
Posted: Sun, Mar 16 2008 1:40 PM by Humpty | with 3 comment(s)
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Freaky Chakra - West What a week for me. I usually lead a fairly stable, and perhaps to most people, a boring life. But rest assured, even though I don't focus my energies on physical goals lots goes on in my head. It's starting to become difficult to...
We vibrate
I was just outside basking in the wind, enjoying the sun, when I noticed a fly on the side of my house. I was just looking at it move around and of course its movements appeared jerky, like it was jumping around. Then it just hit me, for whatever reason...
Posted: Sun, Feb 10 2008 12:38 PM by Humpty | with 1 comment(s)
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