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Prius to the Max! (i.e. I ran out of gas)
It finally happened, I ran out of gas! Luckily being in a hybrid car I had enough energy left in the battery to get me to the gas station. I've noticed that the out of gas indicator comes on about a gallon before it should. Like in my other car -- my...
Posted: Mon, Apr 17 2006 7:03 PM by Humpty | with 20 comment(s)
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I'm getting a Prius!
I've decided to get a Prius rather than keep my Dodge Neon. I spent all of last week deciding what to do: keep the car or get a new one. There were a lot of good arguments for each choice. In keeping the car I determined that I could've gotten it fixed...
Posted: Wed, Jan 18 2006 1:10 AM by Humpty | with 1 comment(s)
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