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Latest on my vision improvement
It's been about a month and a half since I accelerated my vision improvement by wearing pinholes and reduced strength prescription glasses and I'm really happy! I'm experiencing such good results from my pinholes that I make a point to fold...
Glasses weaken your eyes
This post is part of my vision recovery process and thus uses information I've been acquiring from my attempts to restore my vision. The main thing is that nearsightedness (myopia) primarily results from excess tension in your eyes, specifically the...
More on my pinhole glasses
First off let me just say that pinholes rock, haha! I am absolutely loving these things. I mostly use them at work in place of my prescription glasses while working on the computer. I've gotten in the habit of leaving them there so I don't usually...
Goin' cold turkey
What's my addiction that I need to go cold turkey on? Wearing glasses. I've recently gotten new lenses put in my glasses because I had been using an older prescription, -3.50 in both eyes, and since my present prescription is -3.00 in both eyes my eyes...
How to see
I'm discovering some useful things in my attempts to see without prescription lenses. I can't really speak for everyone but maybe what I'm learning will be useful for other nearsighted people like me. I'm noticing that I see better the...