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"not to build into the physical vehicle its ending would be counterproductive to the mind/body/spirit complexes therein residing, for within the illusion it seems more lovely to be within the illusion than to drop the garment which has carried the...
Back to back life lessons
This is more of a "write it down so I don't forget it" post. I had a dream today that I learned something from. I'm actually a bit amazed at that since I haven't often had dreams that convey a life lesson. But in this one I found...
Life is not a competition
I've been meaning to write this post for a while, but because of a busying life haven't quite had the time. And it keeps nagging at me.. Because of my new job I've come across someone who's younger than me who's in a more advanced...
Posted: Sun, Dec 13 2009 1:39 AM by Humpty
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Purple purple purple...excuse me *^_^*
Rambling is creative mind expression, what you get when you let the structures controlling thought drift away, if only for a while. :) The subject for today's regularly scheduled ramble is centeredness. If time permits a dash of self-deprecating thought...
Posted: Fri, Oct 23 2009 11:36 PM by Humpty
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Fondest wish
I realized today a fond wish I have, maybe even my fondest wish. Simply put I want my inner world to be my outer world. I want to follow my heart so often that it ceases becoming a special thing to me. Like if it were sunny all day long eventually you'd...
Just a quick late night note. I read an article about ethics today and in the comments section a lot of people were stating how they wouldn't ever do the "wrong" thing if the situation in the article presented itself. It doesn't matter...
Posted: Fri, Sep 4 2009 2:08 AM by Humpty
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Infinite change
The one thing I've been learning the most the past couple of days is how much things change. My job is the same after 9 years, other friends are married and make way more, I'm as old as the mom in my memory, the 13 year old I passed on the way...
Posted: Fri, Aug 7 2009 11:56 AM by Humpty
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Overcoming of desire
I was taking a walk around a park today when I thought about the phrase, "you look young for your age". It suddenly occurred to me that for that to make sense the person must have some awareness of what a particular age should look like, and...
Posted: Fri, Jun 5 2009 8:29 PM by Humpty
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Life dancer
I really like that last test I took [on a test taking site]. The Social Orientation Inventory test, I got Free Spirit on it. Whether or not I like it because it reflects who I really am, or I like it because that's what I want to be is irrelevant...
Posted: Mon, May 25 2009 11:33 PM by Humpty
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There's something to be said for the thought that you create the life you need / want. However different it may be from some objective standard, what you're experiencing is what you want to experience. My lesson learned today concerns flow of...
Posted: Thu, May 14 2009 12:52 AM by Humpty
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Possible reason for introversion
Learned something else about myself recently. I think it relates to why I'm introverted. I went to a bridal party over the weekend -- it was a work thing for a co-worker -- and although I was sociable some I was largely quiet and listened. Later on...
Posted: Sun, May 10 2009 10:37 PM by Humpty
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Hamster dancing
"I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes" Learned yet again a lesson I thought I already had. It's the one where I say it's okay to be myself. I believe it, until I realize I don't. Nothing in...
Posted: Fri, May 1 2009 11:57 PM by Humpty
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